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[Doxy] Joy buttons Before Swine

30 April 19

Playtime with gems? In "Steven's Universe" this simple phrase actually could meana lot morebecause here gems are represented in various types of ladies anddue to the fact that this is a hentai parody the outcome becomes obvious - in this not very long but very exciting "episode" you are going to witness fabulous lesbian show performed by bbw Amethyst and skinny Pearl!

[nitoshadowblade] Effect of Gem Harvesting (Steven Universe)

30 April 19

Crazy funtime in "Steven's Universe" gets even more crazy when tired of just watching the lesbian gems playing with each other Black Sapphire decides not only to join the party but to become the leading force of it! Ofcourse she has her own motives of doing that and Pearl seems to discover these motives real soon but as for now - there will be a lot of fucking and one big and hard surprise!

[iseenudepeople] Peributt (Steven Universe)

30 April 19

This lazy-drawn-but-still-cute-looking parody comics will let you to enjoy the company of Pearl and Amethyst from "Steven Universe" once more and ofcourse the situation that they will find themselves in will not be of any usual: this morning Amethyst has found some really strange thing inside her panties and now she will require Pearl's help to figure out how it works!

Mind Control Your Chief

4 June 18

After reading the very title of this game you have probably already thought about that but lets ask it directly: what would you do ifone day you could take a mind control over your boss? Probably you would want to get a promotion or at least the payment rising, right? Yet the main hero of this story had quite different thoughts in his head because his boss is not only one mean bitch but also one hot looking sexy milf so barely you should be surprised of what exactly you will be seeing in the following adults only scenes... but let's be honest here - sometimes literally to fuck your sexy looking boss costs way more than having any promotions because after all there arestill some thingsin this world that you just can not to put a pricetag on!