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Erolon: Dungeon Bound - 0.04b-Alpha

7 May 21

This game takes you to a fabulous country. The main character woke up in the forest. There are big trees around, birds singing and the hero hears a beautiful female voice. He goes to him. The hero sees the damsel. Her name is Elia. This is a beautiful play bitch. You start a conversation. It turns out that Elia is looking for lost prowess and asks the hero to help her. You agree and you go. After a couple of hours you find a strange building. It looks like a large dungeon. Your point is to get the lost prowess in the dungeon and stay alive. Use the mouse to interact with the game. Kill the monsters and do not fall into the traps. Sometimes you will fuck with Elia to ease off a little. It is very exciting. So hit the road right now.

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